What to Wear on a Photoshoot

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What to Wear on a Photo Shoot?


We all want to look good in our photos, but when you purchase a professional photography session; you want to nail the look on the first try. Photographers typically provide a mini wardrobe suggestion but let’s face it, “not one size fits all.” 

Here are my suggestions for the perfect outfit for your special day:

1)    Shop your closet using Pinterest. Once you and your photo expert work out the theme for your photo shoot, you will have a better idea of what colors to wear for the special day. Pinterest has made it easy to pick out an outfit. Just type in the desired color scheme and Pinterest does the rest. Type in this example of a search is "navy blue skirt outfits." Exam the outfit suggestions and raid your clothes to see if you have something that closely match your desired look. 

2)    Bring a backup outfit, because accidents can and do happen.  Yes, it is easy for the photographer to Photoshop a stain out of the pictures. However, everyone's attention becomes hyper-focused on the stain, and it takes the photographer awhile to get everyone back into the grove. Long story short, it takes away from experience. 

3)    Bring your outfits with you and change at the studio or on location. Unless you walk with an iron, it is best to wait to put on your clothes. But do not worry if wrinkled was the desired theme for the shoot. 

4)    Ask your photographer, if they have clothing and accessories on set. You can incorporate the borrowed items into your outfit. Believe it or not, past clients donate their clothes to a photographer after the shoot. Especially, maternity and baby costumes.  

5)    Ask the photographer to look you over for any flaws. Okay, I know this last one is a weird request but hear me out. If the photographer is working alone, chances are their focus is on lighting, metering, props, etc. It is appropriate to ask your photographer, “can you check to see if I have any flaws? 

Your style is your style. Our job is to capture your essence in a photograph. Your photos should tell a story about your personality, your family, your career, and your home. 




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