Meet my Assistant

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Photography Assistant : Meet Hatch

Meet Hatch. He is my Assistant. I stole him from my son. Why do I have a stuffed creature as my assistant?  He grew out of necessity and he is my unpaid entertainment.  

As a family photographer, I often take photos of children. When I first opened my business, I did not realize the importance of time. Time in this business is very precious for both the photographer and the client(s), especially, children. Depending on the age, a child's attention span flees by the minute. To help move the shoot along, I pre-set the photo shoot and utilize Hatch as a stand-in for the child. At the time of the client's arrival we are ready to rock and roll. 

Hatch's entertainment skills are remarkable. Hatch is typically present and visible at the photo shoots. Kids become super focused on his bright color and furry hair. Granted the attention does not last long, but he holds their attention long enough to enable a scene or location change. Hatch's has been battle tested, but he still keeps the same smile on his face.
Additionally, parents like to grab hold of Hatch and use it to entertain their child. Both the parents and child(ren) are now relaxed and being silly. Hatch's facilitates conversation within the family which allows for more ORGANIC AND CANDID photos. 

Hatch is the best assistant. I love it.  






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