MSC Seaside - Bring the Baby

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MSC Seaside - Bring the Baby

TNP_2032Hubby and Baby MiamiMSC Cruise


We had the pleasure to cruise MSC Seaside back in February 2018. We decided to do a seven day Western Caribbean cruise. My husband and I are cruise babies, and this was the first time we traveled with an actual baby. Let me tell you the experience was so-so. Thankfully, it was not a complete disaster once we adopted a few rules : 

1) The baby (11 months 3 weeks) is on vacation. Meaning, no scheduled naps. That took me one day to figure out. After I abandoned the nap schedule, we started having fun. 
2) The baby went to bed whenever he was ready. Yep, that rule was a hard but it worked out. We had a seven o'clock dinner time. His normal bedtime is between the hours of 6:30 pm -7:30 pm. During the cruise, we took him to daycare most nights, and he had a blast. Jr. had so much fun he forgot about sleep. By the time we returned to our cabin he was ready for bed.  
3) Use the daycare. Use it for your sanity. As a new mom, I was firmly against using the cruise’s daycare. However, after taking the tour, I wanted to be in their daycare program. The cruise had drop-off and pick up times. The times they choose made sense. Case in point, dinner time hubby and I enjoyed our dates. 
4) Be flexible. I planned for everything but what you can not prepare for are diaper changes while sitting on a toilet or the roof of a shop. Yep. Once you leave the safety of American comforts, you have to learn to wing it. No complaining.  TNP_2335TNP_2335Mama and Jr.
5) Pack a baby tub. I bought an inflatable tub, and it was the best investment I ever made.
6) Book a balcony cabin. You will need the fresh air or space. Take all the patio furniture off the balcony or move it to the corner. That way a mobile baby won't climb on the furniture and you know, splat. 
7) Order food only for the adults. There is no point in ordering food for Jr. because the portion sizes are so big anyway. Might as well share your food.
8) Bring your own bottled water. Cheaper to buy 24 bottles for $2.99 than to buy it on or off the ship for $1.99 for one bottle of water. Don't be a dumb vacationer. 
9) Do not bring milk. The cruise ship has plenty.

TNP_2071TNP_2071Miami Beach Pool
10) Bring the baby to the shows but sit in the back and close to an exit. Jr. enjoyed watching the shows. We were surprised. 
11) Remember a meltdown will come. There is no avoiding it, but you can predict it. Remember those missed naps. They will come back to bite you eventually. But not to worry the meltdowns last no longer than 15 minutes. 
12) Take turns getting alone time.
13) Have fun....!!!!