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So you want to learn about the golden hour, huh? It’s a pretty popular time of day for photographers to shoot. We’ll tell you what it is and why we prefer this time of day to others.

You may or may not have noticed that all of our open availability for sessions is in the evening before sunset. We do have some daytime sessions available, but we prefer to shoot in the hours leading up to sunset. This is called the ‘Golden Hour.’ During this time, the lighting is absolutely perfect.

The perks:

  • You get yummy light flares and beautiful soft light.
  • There are no soft shadows or squinty eyes from the blinding sun at high noon.
  • In the summer, the weather isn’t too hot, so you’re able to relax a little better knowing there isn’t sweat running down your face or making stains on your shirt.
  • During Golden Hour, everything is warm and pretty and gives off a magical feeling.
  • We can also get some sweet silhouette shots as the sun is going down on the horizon.

Florida SunsetSunrise and Sunset why for photography.


MODELS NEEDED....................

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Dressing for a Spring Family Session https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/3/dressing-for-a-spring-family-session WHAT TO WEAR to a SPRING FAMILY SESSION

The birds are chirping, the buds are blooming, and the snow has officially melted. That means it’s time for your spring family session. Here are a few wardrobe tips to ensure the whole gang looks smashing: 

  • Play up the fact that it’s spring. Have a necklace with a butterfly pendant? Perfect! An insect-printed tee? Yes, please.
  • Channel the colors of spring. Seriously – look out the window for inspiration for your family’s color palette. Greens, pinks, yellows, beige, khaki, and blues all work exceptionally well.
  • Layer up! Spring can be both warm and cold at once, so come prepared. We love spring scarves, light cardigans, vests, etc.  

What to Wear to a Spring Family Session The birds are chirping, the buds are blooming, and the snow has officially melted. That means it’s time for your spring family session. Here are a few wardrobe tips to ensure the whole gang looks smashing.



Untitled designMother's Day Shootphotoshoot for mothers day 2021

(Portraits by Teneice) birds coconut Creek coral springs florida fort Lauderdale moments near me photographer spring https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/3/dressing-for-a-spring-family-session Tue, 16 Mar 2021 10:00:00 GMT
6 Ways to Prepare for Your Headshot Session https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/2/6-ways-to-prepare-for-your-headshot-session Headshot Boca Raton Park for headshot. Boca Raton Park for a Headshot to match his brand.

6 Ways to Prepare for Your Headshot Session in Florida

Seeing as how it’s 2021 and the Internet reigns supreme, having high quality, current headshots is vital to your career. And it really doesn’t matter what your job is, either! It used to be that real estate agents and corporate finance leaders were the only ones required to have such images taken, but today everyone benefits from improving their online presence.

Headshots allow you to put your best face forward — literally! Whether you’ve already got a headshot session booked or you’re contemplating having one done, the below guidelines will help you prepare more adequately.

Wear Clothing That’s Flattering, Modest, and Neutral

There’s a time and a place for that leopard print top or crazy tie, but your headshots will usually require a different aesthetic. We recommend neutral, modest articles of clothing that you feel comfortable in and that are flattering to your complexion and features. Clothing should also be clean and freshly pressed.

Bring a Second Outfit

You’ll likely want to have some variety in choice when choosing your favorite headshot images, so bring a second or third outfit to the session.

Keep Accessories to a Minimum

This is a headshot, so we don’t want to detract from your face. Too much jewelry can lead the eye elsewhere, so it’s best to stick to small and modest pieces if you choose to wear any accessories at all.

Have Your Hair/Makeup Done Professionally

If you were looking for an excuse to get a haircut, blowout, or professional makeup, this is it! Not only does handing that responsibility off to someone else reduce your burden on picture day, but it ensures that you look and feel incredible. (Just a note: light retouching is standard in all of our headshot images. Don’t fret about that zit.)

Make Sure Hair is Out of Your Face

This goes along with the last point, but to ensure we get a good shot you’ll want to keep hair out of your face. If you have bangs they should be trimmed, and if you have long hair that tends to get in the way, you may want to clip some of it back or tuck it behind your ears.

Determine the Ideal Backdrop

Many clients prefer to have their images taken at either their business location, home office, or against a neutral background. Together we can help determine the best place to do your headshots but do think about the general aesthetic you’re going for and relay that to your photographer.


- Portraits by Teneice

Coconut Creek, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton


(Portraits by Teneice) candid coconut creek executives florida fort lauderdale headshot important day job moments park photographer pictures pompano beach https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/2/6-ways-to-prepare-for-your-headshot-session Thu, 25 Feb 2021 13:00:00 GMT
Six Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/2/six-reasons-why-you-need-a-professional-headshot Putting resources into a high-caliber, expertly taken headshot is an interest in your own image. It shows you at your best, the manner in which your customers need to see you. Large numbers of us are not normally photogenic. Subsequently, beginner photography can really wind up making you don't look anything as you do face to face… and unquestionably not your best. An expert photographic artist that has practical experience in headshots realizes how to situate you, how to pick the best setting, and how to utilize lighting to get the absolute best conceivable. 

They can likewise inform you on the best sort concerning apparel and shadings to wear. I trust you should dress as you would in your workplace. On the off chance that you are a business leader, wear a suit. On the off chance that you are a specialist or attendant, wear your sterile jacket. On the off chance that you are a fishing guide, wear what you would wear in the event that you were on the water. On the off chance that you manage job in the business world and have somewhat greater adaptability with your "work uniform," pick colors that are complimenting to your skin tone and hair tone. By and large, strong tones are superior to designs. For men, a brilliantly shaded (yet not very striking) attach matched with an exemplary white shirt and dim conditioned suit is a decent decision. 

Presently that online media has taken on a particularly significant job in advancing our expert capacities, having an effect on making headshots is a higher priority than at any other time. Since each web-based media stage requires a profile picture, your headshot will have a sweeping web presence notwithstanding more conventional uses like the staff page of your association's site and distribution in meeting or talking commitment-related materials. 

All in all, would you say you are as yet contemplating whether you need to put resources into an expertly taken headshot? Here are six reasons why you ought to: 

1. It passes on your polished skill. On the off chance that you look proficient, possible customers, financial backers, colleagues, and so on that don't have any acquaintance with you actually will be bound to consent to that first gathering. 

2. A decent headshot gives individuals a thought of your character before they meet you. A grin depicts receptiveness. A genuine look depicts assurance. Make your appearance coordinate your character. I decided to grin in mine! 

3. It reminds business contacts what your identity is on the off chance that they met you in passing at a meeting or business work. This little prompt makes it more probable they will acknowledge your "companion" or "follow" demand. 

4. A current headshot gives individuals a thought of what they resemble now. I as of late went to a CEO breakfast and two of the moderators' headshots were required years back. There was a quick detach. It's bad to astonish individuals along these lines. It communicates something specific of inauthenticity. 

5. It supports and upgrades the abilities and experience on your LinkedIn profile, making you stand apart from the rest. One clue explicit to LinkedIn is to look to one side so you are in a real sense taking a gander at your profile. 

6. It causes you to feel great to put your best self forward. Having a quality picture of yourself to impart to your expert friends helps your fearlessness, and it can even motivate you to impart a greater amount of yourself to other people, face a couple of challenges, and beat business-related difficulties. 

Proficient headshots aren't only for top chiefs any longer. Everyone needs one. On the off chance that you don't have one as of now, I urge you to search out a talented headshot photographic artist and scratch it off your schedule. With an incredible headshot, your polished skill and extraordinary character will radiate through, making the way for new freedom and new business



. HeadshotHeadshotProfessional Headshoot for Greg in Boca Raton, Florida. coconut creek floridaModel HeadshotModel headshot in Coconut Creek Florida

Six Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot

(Portraits by Teneice) florida fort lauderdale moments photographer pictures unforgettable https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/2/six-reasons-why-you-need-a-professional-headshot Wed, 17 Feb 2021 13:45:39 GMT
How to be OK if your baby won’t stop crying on picture day https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/1/how-to-be-ok baby photoshootBabiesnewborn babies in the photos.

How to be  OK if your baby won’t stop crying on picture day

We’ve all seen those adorable photos of new little babies looking so peaceful and relaxed and not a care in the world. As new parents, we want similar photos of our children to send out to grandparents, make into screensavers, and blast out to our social media pages to show off our fantastic baby. But then session day comes around, and BAM! – your baby does not want anything to do with it.

You’re thinking, “Why won’t you stop crying? I’ve done everything I can think of, but you’re still not happy. Don’t you know I’m paying good money for this session? Sarah’s baby cooperated in her session, why can’t you just go to sleep and let us get some nice photos?!” If this is happening during your session, I want you to stop, breathe and remember one thing: all newborns cry. This is a natural, real emotion that all newborns have for most of their first few months of life. It’s not abnormal. There is nothing wrong with your child for doing it. It is nothing to be ashamed of. They aren’t doing it to embarrass you. And when you stress out about the fact that your baby is crying, that then makes things even worse because he or she knows you’re upset.

Don’t let the crying upset you. Embrace this moment in time. It won’t be long before you forget how her little forehead wrinkled up whenever she screamed, or how his toes would get all stretched out and tense when he was upset. Let us capture these little details. These crying photos can evoke real emotion and demonstrate the love you have for your child as you try to soothe him or her. Your child can look back at these photos once they’re all grown and remember the solace that they found in your arms. These tender moments are just as important, if not more so, than the sleeping, posed photos.

The point of booking a newborn session is to help you preserve the first memories of your child’s life. While posed photos are cute, you’re not going to look back and think, “Remember how cute she was whenever she would lounge around the house in frog-form?” because that didn’t happen. You’ll look back at these photos and remember all the nights you walked your baby around the house or rocked him in a chair and hummed lullabies to try to calm him down. Those times are very stressful, but they also help you form a bond and that’s what makes these photos treasured.

All that being said, if you have your heart set on those peaceful, posed photos, we can always take a break and try again and, if all else fails, reschedule. 

Portraits by Teneice will take care of your shoot from beginning to end. Teneice services Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Boca Raton, Plantation, Coconut Cree, Margate, Coral Springs, Parkland, and other Broward County locations. Choose Portraits by Teneice the photographer near you.


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Why Maternity Photos Are Important https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/1/why-maternity-photos The Importance of Maternity Photos


Even though pregnancy comes with a lot of difficult trials, it is an amazing time in your life. It is a time of celebration and, anticipation as you prepare to meet your little bundle of joy. It’s a time where you become strong – stronger than you ever thought you could possibly be. During this time, you create your initial bond with your child that will continue throughout your entire life.

There are very few women who actually feel like they are beautiful while they are pregnant – especially during the first pregnancy.; However, the miracle of pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Swollen feet, stretch marks, and hormone changes aside – you are growing a real live human being inside of you. All of those side effects come from different things your body has to do to help nourish and protect your baby.

You are beautiful, and you should take the time to celebrate these changes and this amazing moment in your life. These photos will be a great gift to pass down to your child as an heirloom of your first memories with them. This is something they can treasure forever.

Portraits by Teneice will take care of your maternity shoot from beginning to end. Teneice services Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Boca Raton, Plantation, Coconut Cree, Margate, Coral Springs, Parkland, and other Broward County locations. Choose Portraits by Teneice the photographer near you.



(Portraits by Teneice) and Boca Broward by Choose Coconut Creek Coral Springs County Fort Lauderdale locations. Margate near other Parkland photographer Plantation Portraits Raton services Teneice the Weston you. https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/1/why-maternity-photos Mon, 25 Jan 2021 13:00:00 GMT
7 Tips for Preparing for Your Winter Session in South East Florida https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/1/7-tips-for-preparing-for-your-winter-session-in-south-east-florida  

Untitled design How to Prepare for Your Winter Session in Florida 

7 Tips for Preparing for Your Winter Session

Some people shy away from winter sessions because, well, it's cold. But winter sessions make for some prime photo ops, so don't write off the brr months.

1. Keep tracking the weather. Those white gloomy days after a small cold front can result in some seriously gorgeous photographs. Booking two months out probably won't work, and you'll instead want to book on shorter notice.

2. Really play up the winter accessories when planning outfits. Think cozy knit scarves, colorful coats, adorable boots, mittens, and more. 

3. Plan the day out so that nobody gets fussy or too cold. A bribe of hot chocolate after the session goes a long way. Also, make sure that everyone's dressed warmly. 

4. Don't be afraid to have fun. The possibilities are endless and this should be all about having fun. 

5. Choose colors and prints that pop. An all-white background is absolutely beautiful, but having that pop of red or that flash of gingham can really make for a gorgeous photograph.

6. Pack the necessities. Noses tend to run in the cold, and glasses can fog up. Bring tissues, hand-warming packs, clean clothes, and hot beverages to keep everyone perky throughout the shoot. 

7. Because it can be really cold, note that a shorter session may be in order. Make the most of your photos by using every single second to the max, especially at the beginning of the session when everyone's still warm and spirits are particularly high.

Florida Winters are the best. Broward and Dade County are so beautiful this time of year. 
                                                                                                                                                                            -   - - -Portraits by Teneice 

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 #photography #photographer #picoftheday #love


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The perfect Valentine’s Day present for your partner. https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/1/the-perfect-valentine-s-day-present-for-your-partner The perfect Valentine’s Day present for your partner.

Florida- Broward County Glamour Photography - Coconut CreekFlorida- Broward County Glamour Photography - Coconut CreekWoman and man at the beach for couples photo. Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Florida Florida- Broward County Glamour Photography - Coconut CreekFlorida- Broward County Glamour Photography - Coconut Creek

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we are running a special on glamour photo gifts! Check out these great deals below:

  1. Magazine Style Photoshoot
    30 minutes photoshoot
    Where: Beach in Boca Raton or Home Studio
    Max: 4 people. Extra $25 per additional person
    Access to online Photo gallery
    3 free digital download
    $50 credit towards packages
    Jan 23rd and 24th - Beach in Boca Raton
    Jan 30th and Jan 31st - Home Studio
  1. Calendars – During our Valentine sale, we are offering all wall calendars for only $55 a piece! He’ll enjoy your photos year-round with this fun gift!
  1. Cards & Stationery – These are perfect if your partner is in the military or away on business a lot. Write him a card or note on your personalized boudoir stationary. Spray a little perfume on it for an added touch. He’ll go crazy for you! Contact us for pricing for different sizes and quantities.
  1. Canvases – Surprise your partner with a beautiful fine art canvas from your glamour session! Contact us for pricing for different sizes.

To book click "Book a Session"

(Portraits by Teneice) boudoir candid canvas day florida fort lauderdale gift headshot head-shot kate kim kylie me moments moss near photographer photoshoot pictures portrait risque unforgettable valentines https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2021/1/the-perfect-valentine-s-day-present-for-your-partner Fri, 08 Jan 2021 18:44:00 GMT
How To Feel Comfortable in Your Photos - Black Friday Sale https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2019/10/how-to-feel-comfortable-in-your-photos---black-friday-sale How To Feel Comfortable in Your Photos


If you’re new to the portrait session game, chances are you may feel a little bit nervous about what to expect. That’s completely natural, so don’t think you’re strange for feeling that way. In fact, we hear from our clients all the time that they’re apprehensive to get their pictures taken for all sorts of reasons, ranging from being “unphotogenic” to feeling awkward in front of the camera and beyond. To help you feel a bit more at ease leading up to the day of your session — and during the actual shoot — we’ve given you some pro tips below.

Chat With Your Photographer Before The Session

Sometimes simply talking through the process with your photographer can help you feel much more at ease. For starters, they’ll walk you through each step of the session-day process so that you know what to expect. Second, getting to know the person who’s going to be photographing you can help you feel much more relaxed and yourself on the day of.

Be Authentic to Yourself

Have you ever packed for a vacation and decided you were going to bring four different novels and a couple workout outfits even though you rarely read or workout? That same sort of mentality can occur when you’re prepping for a photo session as you try to reinvent who you are. Instead, relax and show up on session day as your authentic self. Wear clothes you feel beautiful and comfortable in — this is all about capturing the essence of you!

Go Ahead and Glam it Up

It’s a fine line between not being true to who you are and wanting to look amazing the day of your shoot. The key to feeling amazing and comfortable on your session day is to elevate the traits you really like about yourself. If you love flowing dresses, find one that you feel incredible in. If your hair is your favorite feature, go ahead and get a blowout or spend the few hours beforehand focusing on your hairdo. If you feel more comfortable with a bit of a color, schedule your spray tan. Do these things only if you feel like it will make you feel your best and not because you feel like you “should.”

Know That We’re Pros at This Stuff

One of the reasons why people experience post-photo stress is that they might not have had the best images taken. Because of the lens, selfies create a distorted image of your face. Also, lighting and angles seriously matter. We’re pros at this stuff. We know which poses to put you in that’ll make you look and feel amazing and we know how to position you against the light (and use extra light) to create a stunning portrait.



Christmas Special 2019- BlackFriday.5x5Christmas Special 2019- BlackFriday.5x5HOLIDAY PHOTOS BLACK FRIDAY. COCONUT CREEK FLORIDA



(Portraits by Teneice) capture  coconut  cruise-babies  family  florida  fort  important  lighting  miami  moment  moments  park  photographer  photos  pictures  pompano  unforgettable beach candid creek day lauderdale photographer https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2019/10/how-to-feel-comfortable-in-your-photos---black-friday-sale Sat, 19 Oct 2019 10:00:00 GMT
How to Choose the Best Location for Your Portrait Session https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2019/9/Photographer_CoconutCreek_Florida Photographer in Coconut Creek Florida

How to Choose the Best Location for Your Portrait Session

Photographer in Coconut Creek FloridaPhotographer in Coconut Creek FloridaLocale photographer in Coconut Creek Florida takes great photos.

One of the best parts of hiring a professional photographer who’s been doing this whole picture-taking thing for a while is that we have a huge arsenal of incredible session locations for you to choose from. It’s sort of like how Joanna Gaines has an entire warehouse of vintage doors and accent pieces, only ours is a digital file of locations (and we get to reuse the same one every once in a while).
That said, we totally understand that you want to have a say in choosing your portrait session backdrop. It’s your session, after all! To be honest, we’re super eager to hear what you have in mind, and we might even have some sweet location ideas to share with you off the top of our head.
6 Ways to Find the Perfect Session Location for Your Portraits
Really, choosing the best location for your portrait session is about figuring out what vibe you’re going for and then from there we can brainstorm together to find a spot that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Here are six ways to jump start the process: 

  • Consider Your Preferred Style: The best portrait sessions capture your existing style. Think of what your favorite outfits are and what sort of style you’re drawn to, and then we’ll come up with complementary session location. For example, if you lean toward bohemian, then an urban landscape may not be your jam.

  • Are you Thinking Indoors or Outdoors (south florida)?: Both have their perks, but by narrowing down your choice to either indoor or outdoor we’ll be able to quickly refine the focus.

  • Think About Color: Do you want bright and splendid backdrop, or one that’s more minimalist? By narrowing down your preferred color story, we can narrow down your session location.

  • How Many People Are Being Photographed?: This detail matters for a few locations, especially if you decide to go with a small space or an indoor locale. If it’s just you or a few people total, then your options are pretty limitless. Large groups, however, require large and open spaces, otherwise things may start to feel crowded or overwhelming during the shoot itself.

  • Consider Sentimental Spots (coconut creek, fort lauderdale, miami): If a location (coconut creek) has special meaning to you then it can make your session and images even more personalized. For example, engagement sessions taken at your first-date location, family portraits taken in your forever home, or the ice-cream shop you went to all the time as a kid.

  • Look at Some of Your Favorite Images: What sort of portrait images are you drawn to when scrolling through social media or flipping through a magazine? Is it rich, lush greenery? Is it gritty graffiti? Hazy fields? Modern lines? Let this natural inclination inform your session location (fort lauderdale) choice. 


(Portraits by Teneice) candid capture coconut creek cruise-babies family photographer florida fort lauderdale important day lighting miami moment moments park photographer photos pictures pompano beach unforgettable https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2019/9/Photographer_CoconutCreek_Florida Sun, 08 Sep 2019 18:06:43 GMT
A FORT LAUDERDALE PHOTOGRAPHER CAN MAKE MOTHER’S DAY UNFORGETTABLE https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2019/2/a-fort-lauderdale-photographer-can-make-mother-s-day-unforgettable



Have you ever wondered how many smiles can a click of camera bring? Capturing moments is not just about securing a memory, it reminds you of good times that you were blessed with in your life living in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We all tend to capture those happy and joyous moments which we want to re-live and having the snapshots keep them vivid in our minds! The relation of mother and a child is incredible; it is beyond words! So, how about decorating this pious relation with some beautiful shots this Mother’s Day? If you are thinking about how you can make it special for her (especially when she is not expecting), then this post is for you. Inviting a professional photographer in Fort Lauderdale could be the best present that you may give her this time. 

If you are reading this post, then either you are a loving husband who wants to give a few moments of a smile to your wife and little toddler or you are a proud son of your loving mother! Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional photographer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the decision to go for! 

Mothers are more behind the camera: Mothers are always busy in taking the pictures. They want to capture every cherishing moment from the day her kid is born to the day he crawled, walked or spoke acute foreign language! They deserve a fair chance to be in front of the camera. An opportunity where they can have a photo booth dedicated to them! Look for ‘photographer near me’ in Fort Lauderdale, and we will be sure to impress her with a record of memories.

Your children are not going to stay with you always: Your kids will be gone in a few years for their career, to chase their dreams, traveling the world and getting married. So isn’t it worth to capture the moment which can move her forever (especially when it easy to hire a professional photographer near me’)? This year and moment will never return, and if the camera is there is to document and artistically preserve those moments then it is worth holding on those memories! 

It’s a gift for your kids: When your kids will grow, these photos will help them remind and cherish the fun they had as a family. We tend to capture a few tender and emotive moments which can bring out the strength of the bond which your family shares. We have techniques for shy moms as well so that your grown-up kiddo can see his shy mom in a shot! 

The sole objective of having a photoshoot on Mother’s Day is to capture lovely shots which could be treasured for years as a family. Being a woman, I know that women can be a harsh critic of themselves and hence we always select flattering angles which can make their day. Seizing the opportunities and moments of capturing some of the good memories of your life is beneficial for mental health as it brings an innocent smile when you hold these prints in your hands. Fort Lauderdale, Florida has a beautiful landscape to capture and this Mother’s Day with your kids all dressed up, let’s make the best out of it!

Visit us at https://candidbyteneice.com/ or just search for ‘photographers near me’!



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Meet my Assistant https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/9/meet-my-assistant Photography Assistant : Meet Hatch

Meet Hatch. He is my Assistant. I stole him from my son. Why do I have a stuffed creature as my assistant?  He grew out of necessity and he is my unpaid entertainment.  

As a family photographer, I often take photos of children. When I first opened my business, I did not realize the importance of time. Time in this business is very precious for both the photographer and the client(s), especially, children. Depending on the age, a child's attention span flees by the minute. To help move the shoot along, I pre-set the photo shoot and utilize Hatch as a stand-in for the child. At the time of the client's arrival we are ready to rock and roll. 

Hatch's entertainment skills are remarkable. Hatch is typically present and visible at the photo shoots. Kids become super focused on his bright color and furry hair. Granted the attention does not last long, but he holds their attention long enough to enable a scene or location change. Hatch's has been battle tested, but he still keeps the same smile on his face.
Additionally, parents like to grab hold of Hatch and use it to entertain their child. Both the parents and child(ren) are now relaxed and being silly. Hatch's facilitates conversation within the family which allows for more ORGANIC AND CANDID photos. 

Hatch is the best assistant. I love it.  





(Portraits by Teneice) candid coconut creek Fall florida fort lauderdale minisession moments photographer pictures unforgettable https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/9/meet-my-assistant Thu, 27 Sep 2018 17:00:53 GMT
What to Wear on a Photoshoot https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/9/what-to-wear-on-a-photoshoot

What to Wear on a Photo Shoot?


We all want to look good in our photos, but when you purchase a professional photography session; you want to nail the look on the first try. Photographers typically provide a mini wardrobe suggestion but let’s face it, “not one size fits all.” 

Here are my suggestions for the perfect outfit for your special day:

1)    Shop your closet using Pinterest. Once you and your photo expert work out the theme for your photo shoot, you will have a better idea of what colors to wear for the special day. Pinterest has made it easy to pick out an outfit. Just type in the desired color scheme and Pinterest does the rest. Type in this example of a search is "navy blue skirt outfits." Exam the outfit suggestions and raid your clothes to see if you have something that closely match your desired look. 

2)    Bring a backup outfit, because accidents can and do happen.  Yes, it is easy for the photographer to Photoshop a stain out of the pictures. However, everyone's attention becomes hyper-focused on the stain, and it takes the photographer awhile to get everyone back into the grove. Long story short, it takes away from experience. 

3)    Bring your outfits with you and change at the studio or on location. Unless you walk with an iron, it is best to wait to put on your clothes. But do not worry if wrinkled was the desired theme for the shoot. 

4)    Ask your photographer, if they have clothing and accessories on set. You can incorporate the borrowed items into your outfit. Believe it or not, past clients donate their clothes to a photographer after the shoot. Especially, maternity and baby costumes.  

5)    Ask the photographer to look you over for any flaws. Okay, I know this last one is a weird request but hear me out. If the photographer is working alone, chances are their focus is on lighting, metering, props, etc. It is appropriate to ask your photographer, “can you check to see if I have any flaws? 

Your style is your style. Our job is to capture your essence in a photograph. Your photos should tell a story about your personality, your family, your career, and your home. 



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Tips: Planning a Beach Day Photoshoot https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/8/planning-a-beach-day-photoshoot Tips: Planning a Beach Day Photoshoot

I love working in the studio, but my absolute favorite location to do photoshoots is on the beach. There is something whimsical and insouciant about almost any beach in South East Florida. Beach photography can be both fun and beautiful if you have an intimate relationship with both the client and the environment. 

Having an intimate knowledge of the beaches in South East Florida helps to put the clients at ease. Our coastline is riddled with hidden gems, but if you are unfamiliar with the area Google it. Google enables me to scoop out an area before I drive to the destination. Additionally, arriving 30-60 minutes earlier than the client gives me a feel for the land, weather, and blocking (setting up an area - theater term). This leaves my clients feeling confident that they are in good hands for their photoshoot. 

I often encourage my friends and family to use the beach for their photos and videos. Needless to say, not everyone is a photographer, but with better optical lenses on a smartphone device you can almost achieve the same look and feel like a professional photographer. However, it still takes planning and asking the "why." When you go to the beach on purpose to take photos, they turn out better than I am at the beach, "oh let me take a picture while I am here." For better beach photos let it be a forethoughts and not an afterthought.  Leave the props at home all you need is nature. 



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Last Days of Summer Beach Mini Session https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/7/last-days-of-summer-beach-mini-session Mini Beach Session.

Capture the last days of summer at South Inlet Park (Beach) in Boca Raton on August 11, 2018.

Mini session includes:

- 15 minutes session for individual or group

- Online gallery

- USB and Print Options

- Professional Editing IMG_9414MINI BEACH SESSION

Space is very limited. Book today 8/11/2018.


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Announcement: Candid By Teneice Pricing Update https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/6/announcement-candid-by-teneice-pricing-update Candid by Teneice is adjusting our pricing to more accurately reflect the valued moments captured and to make room for some significant new engagement features coming your way. 

We will be happy to honor our previous pricing tiers through Saturday, June 30th. 

Have any questions or concerns? Just reply to this email. 

Thank you, 

Team Candid by Teneice


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For Anthony, with Love https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/6/gone-not-forgotten For Anthony, with Love 

180312-anthony-bourdain-restaurants1anthony-bourdain-restaurants1 Anthony Bourdain in “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” Season 10 having lunch with food blogging trio in Lagos, April 2017. -Credit CNN On June 8, 2018, Anthony Bourdain committed  suicide. When I heard the news on Friday, I broke down in tears for a man I never met. I felt like I known him all of my life. Anthony is one of the main people that poured into my love of travel. His love of food was contiguous, and to date, I have yet to see anyone else on television with his personality. He was a realist. When you virtually traveled with him, it was a cultural adventure. Anthony hated the tourist traps and took us behind the veil and into people's lives. He said it was okay to try different foods cooked in a home of someone you just met. Alternatively, he taught us how to pass on a dish without offending the host. Anthony invited us into the homes of some many different cultures. Watching the women and men cook and share their heritage was an enriching experience. The only other TV personality that does this type of journalism is Zimmerman, but even he cannot fill Bourdain’s shoe. 

Anthony inspired me to have mini adventures in my backyard. There is no need to venture out because there is so much to explore. Friends and family have so much to offer. Cultural diversity and adventure start at home. Anthony will be missed, but his vision will never die. We must capture all these moments with a photograph so we can always remember our milestones and adventures.






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MSC Seaside - Bring the Baby https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/6/cruise-babies  

MSC Seaside - Bring the Baby

TNP_2032Hubby and Baby MiamiMSC Cruise


We had the pleasure to cruise MSC Seaside back in February 2018. We decided to do a seven day Western Caribbean cruise. My husband and I are cruise babies, and this was the first time we traveled with an actual baby. Let me tell you the experience was so-so. Thankfully, it was not a complete disaster once we adopted a few rules : 

1) The baby (11 months 3 weeks) is on vacation. Meaning, no scheduled naps. That took me one day to figure out. After I abandoned the nap schedule, we started having fun. 
2) The baby went to bed whenever he was ready. Yep, that rule was a hard but it worked out. We had a seven o'clock dinner time. His normal bedtime is between the hours of 6:30 pm -7:30 pm. During the cruise, we took him to daycare most nights, and he had a blast. Jr. had so much fun he forgot about sleep. By the time we returned to our cabin he was ready for bed.  
3) Use the daycare. Use it for your sanity. As a new mom, I was firmly against using the cruise’s daycare. However, after taking the tour, I wanted to be in their daycare program. The cruise had drop-off and pick up times. The times they choose made sense. Case in point, dinner time hubby and I enjoyed our dates. 
4) Be flexible. I planned for everything but what you can not prepare for are diaper changes while sitting on a toilet or the roof of a shop. Yep. Once you leave the safety of American comforts, you have to learn to wing it. No complaining.  TNP_2335TNP_2335Mama and Jr.
5) Pack a baby tub. I bought an inflatable tub, and it was the best investment I ever made.
6) Book a balcony cabin. You will need the fresh air or space. Take all the patio furniture off the balcony or move it to the corner. That way a mobile baby won't climb on the furniture and you know, splat. 
7) Order food only for the adults. There is no point in ordering food for Jr. because the portion sizes are so big anyway. Might as well share your food.
8) Bring your own bottled water. Cheaper to buy 24 bottles for $2.99 than to buy it on or off the ship for $1.99 for one bottle of water. Don't be a dumb vacationer. 
9) Do not bring milk. The cruise ship has plenty.

TNP_2071TNP_2071Miami Beach Pool
10) Bring the baby to the shows but sit in the back and close to an exit. Jr. enjoyed watching the shows. We were surprised. 
11) Remember a meltdown will come. There is no avoiding it, but you can predict it. Remember those missed naps. They will come back to bite you eventually. But not to worry the meltdowns last no longer than 15 minutes. 
12) Take turns getting alone time.
13) Have fun....!!!! 



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Wet and Wild Fort Lauderdale - Coming Soon ? https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/5/wet-and-wild-fort-lauderdale---coming-soon IMG_8297Down Town Fort LauderdaleThe view was breathtaking. TOWER CLUB

I attended the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chambers breakfast. The guest speakers were Vice Mayor Ben Sorensen, Commissioner Heather Moraitis, and Commissioner Steven Glassman. 

I went in with an open mind and open heart, but to be honest, they mostly spoke about the administrative red tapes. It must be frustrating to know what needs to get done, but can not do more to move the needle in a positive direction. Business owners have the clear advantage of making a profound and lasting impact on what happens in a neighborhood. Speaking of a lasting impression, they briefly mentioned the Premier Parks Plan. To read more about it go to this article in Sun-Sentinel News

According to Sun-Sentinel, "Premier Parks — owner of South Florida’s largest water park, Rapids Water Park in Riviera Beach — will build a Wet’N’Wild on city land near Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

The city’s 65 acres are also the site of Lockhart Stadium, which will be renovated, and Fort Lauderdale Stadium.

According to plans submitted to the city, the park will offer a lazy river, wave pool, 400-foot-long family raft riding experience, two 70-foot-tall speed slides, 1,300 feet of head-first mat racing, and “Neptune’s Revenge,” four water rides with “flying saucers, a pipeline wave, multiple bowls and tiny tornadoes.”

Jr. and I will be there once they open. There was no mention on the grand opening date. But, I will not be surprised if there are more red tapes and hoops to jump through. 



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South Florida Parks - Newsletter https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/5/south-florida-parks---newsletter

Splash Adventure Water Park

"This interactive children's water playground features slides, tunnels, turn valves, wheels and levers, water curtains, and a huge bucket that fills and empties onto the playground below at regular intervals. The depth of the pool ranges from zero at its edges to 12 inches at its deepest. Lifeguards are on duty whenever the water park is open. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age." 

See full Article at Splash Adventure Water Park Review

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Mother's Day Photo Shoot https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/5/mothers-day-photo-shoot Recently, I had a Mother’s Day shoot, and the turnout was amazing. Each mother was unique in how they interacted with their child(ren) and/or spouse. The families invited me in as one of their own to tell their story so they may pass it on for generations to come.

What does it mean to be a mother? Honestly, a mother's character is better described by the people around her. Visit my Facebook Page to view all the featured mothers and read about a mother's character. 


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Sugar Sand Park - Mini Review https://portraitsbyteneice.com/blog/2018/4/sugar-sand-park---mini-review SUGAR PLUM PARK

Today, we had a mini adventure day at Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton, FL. My son and I were amazed by all the available activities. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming. I would recommend anyone with little children to visit this park. They have a science center, splash pad, playground for various ages, and so much more. More Photos

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